Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41_10

Don’t be afraid for I am with you:

  • A new day and new week. Did you spend the weekend worrying or anticipating something this week? I challenge you to awake each morning in prayer (we often forget this in such times) asking that God go before you to remove whatever obstacles are set in place and to make the path straight for you to fulfill your obligations of the day.

Don’t be discouraged for I am your God:

  • How sweet to be reminded of God’s unmistakable power, that he is a Father that never leaves his child even when we leave him. He is not only our God and Father, but our  Mother, Friend, Confidant, Counselor, Doctor, Lawyer, and whatever you need him to be.

I will strengthen you and help you:

  • What situations are you facing that have you second guessing your ability to succeed? Feeling weak from giving to someone or something and you are now drained of energy? Or maybe you are barely holding on and not sure how you will make it through the week, how you will care for your family, or how a bill will be paid. In our weakest moments, we tend to lose words, but God is happy to receive a heartfelt, “Thank you Jesus.” “Lord I need you.” “Lord, my God.” Or “Have Mercy on Me.” Our weakest moments can be moments of revelations. In some ways, it is a sign that we need to be still to hear what God has to say.

I will hold you up with my victorious right hand:

  • Simply put, We are MORE THAN CONQUERORS!!! With God for us, nothing or no one can stand against us.

Be blessed my friends. These are simple reminders, as we often forget how powerful God is and that it is okay to relinquish control over to him. TRUST!!!


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