29 Ways to Energize Tired Dogs

Leadership Freak

Managing energy is more important than managing time. It doesn’t matter how much time you have if your energy tank is empty.

tired dog

Put more in than you take out or you’ll end up empty. Four areas of life require energy: mind, emotions, spirit, and body.

16 energy drainers:

  1. Pretending you’re something you’re not.
  2. Incomplete tasks.
  3. Relationships with takers, complainers, and “can’t do” types.
  4. Responsibility without authority.
  5. Proving you’re right rather than developing solutions.
  6. Feeling alone and disconnected.
  7. Procrastination.
  8. Reactive rather than proactive living.
  9. Incompetence both in you and others.
  10. Uncommitted teams.
  11. Unmotivated individuals.
  12. Being taken for granted.
  13. Backstabbers and gossips.
  14. Bitterness and resentment.
  15. Ungratefulness.
  16. Regret.

29 ways to energize tired dogs:

  1. Take breaks. Work no longer than 90 minutes at one stretch.
  2. Find a “vent” partner.
  3. Ask, “Does this matter?” Do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.
  4. Tell a happy story from your youth. I remember…
  5. Find…

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