The Greatest Artist of All Time

Beautiful Poem

Scully Speaks

On Monday, I wrote about pride and humility and then used the imagery of a chef to paint a picture of God’s creation.  If you’d like, do me the honor of taking a quick look at that here.

This week my posts have been focused on taking the attention away from myself  and directing the spotlight toward others.  On Tuesday, I asked you to tell me about your best post ever.  On a side note, that was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to see so many fantastic posts.

I’m going to continue on the theme of bringing our focus outside of ourselves today.

Who is the Greatest Artist of All Time?

Did you watch the video? No?  Ok, I’ll wait.  It’s not even 6 minutes long, and reading this post alone could take that long…so go ahead and watch it.  I’ve…

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