28 Days of Self-Reflection, Day 28: Endurance

28 DoSR_28_Endurance

I truly hope something shared throughout this month brought about a revelation(s) that helped to bring a personal TRUTH to the forefront. It would “almost” be nice to be perfect, but even that comes with a price. We all deal with situations that we never thought we’d endure or wish we didn’t have to go through. Some days are good and some not so good.

But somehow we muster enough faith and trust when we open our eyes to a new day to say,

“Lord, I still thank you. Lord, I still praise you.”

However weighed down, we find enough strength to rise up from whatever we laid on for the night, we stand, and to God we say,

“Okay. Let’s Go!”

My only consolation to anyone going through something that leaves you uncertain about your future is that each day you awake brings hope. If your breakthrough didn’t come today, God willing, there’s tomorrow. Just know that each day you awake is a sign that God is not through with you yet.

Love and Blessings,



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