Humbled by His Grace, Ch. 4: Power of the Tongue (excerpt)

Sharing another chapter of my 1st book:

As I write this chapter I am in awe at the greatness of God’s love because sometimes we can be so lost, so deep in the trenches of our own guilt and shame that we don’t realize how our conversations with others become tainted by our own insecurities. We don’t realize how one word can trigger an emotional roller coaster in someone’s life simply because we want to have the last word or we want to save face by not looking like the weak vessel we truly are.


Words. Simple numbers organized in such a way to create a code that signifies a    letter to make words into sentences. How can these things that we ourselves        created over time have such a negative hold over our thoughts and actions?  Powerful characters that speak life or death. Sometimes it comes from someone  else, but more times than not it begins with self. It begins with a single thought.  Initially we think nothing of it, but it appears again and probably again and again.  It keeps rearing its ugly head until it captures our attention. We ponder on it in our mind. We dissect it. We analyze it. All the time when we think we are conquering the thought, we are actually feeding it. The more we grapple with it in our mind, the more it continues to grow. It slithers through the fissures of our brain, finding its way into our veins and arteries.
It reaches our heart and begins to massage it from atrium to atrium, ventricle to ventricle passing along the aortic artery into the abdomen.

Regurgitation begins to form from the large intestine through the small intestine, the stomach, and the esophagus, all the while building momentum. So much so that it cannot be contained and eventually, spews its way out of our mouths into the face of another and once it’s out there’s no point of return. When the feedback comes we spew them out again. Regardless of how calm or angry the other person is, that one initial thought has grown to such magnitude with so much power, it dominates every bit of sanity we once held and continues to speak words of degradation, hopelessness, worthlessness, and anything else it can create to hurt and cause pain.

young-man-620391_1280Somehow, somewhere in life we forgot who we belonged to. We forgot to counteract the voice of flesh, the voice of evil with the voice of God. Or maybe we never really learned how to rebuke negativity in all of its forms with the sweet name of Jesus. However we got to such a point, negative thoughts have given way to negative talk. Our mood swings have become so bipolar people fear being in our presence.

The words we spew, contagious as they are, become like fire-covered bullets to those who hate the company of misery.

Our words are indeed a direct reflection of what is in our heart, whether we accept it or not. That which we speak, indeed speaks volumes of what we are attempting to hide inside. If cuss words are constantly coming out of your mouth, you should ask yourself why? And if your only answer is because it sounds good or people don’t seem to understand ‘decent’ talk, that’s not good enough.

So many of us are caught up in this cycle of pride that we feed off of each other’s negativity, we feed off of the negative thoughts that have implanted themselves in our heart telling us that the other person is being deceptive, manipulative, or out to hurt us, when really they are dealing with the same insecurities as we are. Until someone decides to be the bigger person, it goes on and on causing strife and turmoil. We walk away, but the mind is still at war.


book cover

 Kocysha presents the grace and love of God through spiritual inspiration and personal accounts of overcoming strongholds and insecurities, particularly pride, with hopes that a realistic and personable perspective will provide a sense of hope to those enduring similar situations and issues.

To purchase your copy (paperback only at this time), visit HERE.

Stay tuned for New Book coming May 2015,                                                                                                                            Inspired-2-Inspire: A Collection of Quotes, Letters, and Prayers


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