What Has God Put In Your Heart?

What has God put in your heart? What did you used to be excited about and now you think it’s too late, it’s too big, it’s not possible? Get your passion back. You haven’t missed your opportunity, you’re not lacking, and you didn’t get shortchanged. All it takes is one touch of God’s favor. ~Joel Osteen~

I thought this was a good reflection question (and starting point) as I am now refocusing on what I’m most passionate about and what I feel God is calling me to fulfill.

When I first contemplated my home-based business three years ago after an unexpected job loss, I wanted to work with ministers and their personnel. I saw several needs and had all these different ideas that I was excited about, but admittedly, I let ‘fear’ creep in. ‘How could “I” pull this off?’ First mistake aside from the fear was thinking “I’d” be doing things alone. Other factors came into play as well including financial needs. My true passion was soon replaced by transcription work that I didn’t as readily enjoy, but it fulfilled my financial needs to an extent. I always wondered why God continued to show favor in regards to transcription work, but not necessarily coaching/consulting.

Several times, I even asked what was I missing.

What was I not doing or understanding?

Something someone shared with me recently that has been a constant reminder: “Concern yourself with God’s business first and he will take care of your needs.” (Matthew 6:33) This has challenged me to see things in a different perspective, in God’s perspective. He’s not concerned as much with the how as he is with the what. Meaning, are we truly ready to fulfill the purpose for which he has called us to fulfill? I had to ask myself that. Am I ready to fulfill my purpose or do I want to keep making irrelevant excuses? I’m READY to fulfill my purpose. I don’t know how it will unfold, but I know there’s a mission with my name on it.

So what has God put into my heart? A strong desire and compassion for Ministers and their personnel.  I recognize and understand the responsibilities empowered to you and how, if not careful, it becomes less of a ministry of service to others and more of a job that leaves you drained and seeking comfort from the exact things you often deliver others from.

This was my passion three years ago and it remains my passion even today. It’s not too late. It’s not too big, and where God is concerned, it’s definitely Possible.

So here’s to New Beginnings!!!


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