31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 14: Ask

It’s been a loooooonggg time since I’ve written here or participated in Five Minute Fridays, but here I am after receiving an email about the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes led by Kate Motaung. So the goal is to write for five minutes on the given writing prompt.

Time starts now:

Ask… Something I’ve struggled with for a long time, asking others for help. Mostly due to not wanting to bother someone else and also because of wanting it done a certain way and not wanting to bother others with my pickiness or perfectionist tendencies. This has also been a problem because some people expect something in return or will not give it the attention at the level of my expectation. I think several people can relate to these reasons.

There’s a saying that “a closed mouth don’t get fed” meaning if you don’t ask, you can’t expect to receive. I’m learning to ask, but still careful of who and what. But more importantly, what I’m learning is how to ask of God, but not according to my will, but His. His word says he will grant us the desires of our heart. What I’ve come to understand is the desires of our heart are to be aligned with His desires for us. So, yes, he will give what we ask, but according to his will. And we know his will, his way, this thoughts are greater than our own. ~15 seconds left~



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