31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 17: Pause

It’s been a loooooonggg time since I’ve written here or participated in Five Minute Fridays, but here I am after receiving an email about the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes led by Kate Motaung. So the goal is to write for five minutes on the given writing prompt.

Time starts now:

Sometimes you just have to PAUSE, take a breath in, and exhale to keep from going off on someone. lol… probably not what some of you thought was coming next, but that’s the truth. Sometimes we have to PAUSE and take in the beauty of life that surrounds us, to break free even if for a few minutes of the busyness of life. Sometimes we need to Press the pause button on the roles we play, like, literally, “I just need a few minutes to unwind.” Pause is a good thing, it’s a break between actions. It allows for rest physically, as well as rest mentally. It allows for refill times when you are spiritually drained and your cup is almost on empty. It’s a good time to PAUSE to hear the voice of God because it’s not always some booming voice, but a small whisper. Sometimes it’s good to pause to reflect on why you’re feeling a certain way and to consider your response to a person or situation before ‘reacting’. Remember to take a pause of several pauses throughout the day so that you’re operating from a place of love, peace, and joy. {Times}

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