31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 25: Capture

It’s been a loooooonggg time since I’ve written here or participated in Five Minute Fridays, but here I am after receiving an email about the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes led by Kate Motaung. So the goal is to write for five minutes on the given writing prompt.

Time starts now:

I’m reminded of a photographer who has the skills to capture a moment! They’re able to capture something in the essence of its environment. On the flip side of that, how can we capture the attention of others in a positive manner. Here is one way by sharing our stories or day-to-day activities. We draw people into our world for many reasons. Some are captivated by our words because they paint a very vivid picture, our life becomes an escape from their own, or they can identify with 90% of what we share.

Another thought that comes to mind is capturing a moment in the sense that you stay alert so that you seize the opportunities to share God with others either in words or actions. almost a minute left….


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