Five Minute Friday: TAKE What You Have…

I am rushing, rushing, rushing. Just finished my audio post and here I am for the writing portion of Five Minute Friday and today’s prompt word is TAKE!!! Twice, recently, I’ve heard sermons on taking what you have and making the best of it. I just shared via audio how in 2013, all I had was my laptop and research skills, and a willingness to learn during a period of unexpected unemployment. Having research home-based businesses before, it always led to something skeptical or scammy. But one day I discovered the word ‘freelancer’ and that opened a whole new world of opportunities that I’d known nothing about. So with my laptop and Youtube videos, I taught myself how to transcribe and for three years I was blessed with opportunities to transcribe for individuals, doctoral students, coaches, speakers, ministry organizations from the US, Africa and dozens of different accents. It was indeed a beautiful, although time consuming and very tedious task, experience that I would not have known had I not taken what I had.

What do you have in your possession that you consider to be minute, common, not important, not enough, that in fact, is your seed form for your tree. (time) I think it was Bishop T.D. Jakes I heard share how God doesn’t give us the tree all the time. Sometimes he gives us the seed to be creative. So be creative with what God has already given you!!!

Thanks for reading. If you have a love for writing, but often times not sure what to write about, this is a good place to start and stay as we receive weekly word prompts from Kate Motaung via the Five Minute Friday Community Page. 


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