Five Minute Friday: NOW

Okay, so, 1st Friday of the month, 1st Friday of the 2nd quarter. Maybe things didn’t quite go as planned, and maybe they still aren’t due to the unexpected health pandemic presently occurring. HOWEVER, what if I told you NOW could still be your time, your moment, your season depending on how you choose to see things, what lens you choose to view life from, what perspective you choose to side with.

When I became unemployed in 2012, I had no other job offers or selections worth choosing from. What I did have was a laptop and research skills, which led me to becoming a self-taught transcriptionist and virtual admin. What do you have in your possession tangible or not that you can work with NOW? Maybe NOW is the time to start something new, to redirect your focus to something more fulfilling, or to something that will expand the realm of your purpose. (time)… You can make the excuse, “Well, now I can’t do this or that.” OR, you can choose to say, “Well, Now, I have no excuse. Now, I can proceed with this. Now, I have the time to do this or that.”

Understand your time, your moment, can still be NOW if you so choose. One reason is because the God we serve is the creator of time and is not limited by the things we are limited by as man on earth. What if I told you, people are still being offered jobs NOW, in spite of what’s going on. Yes, NOW! People are still receiving unexpected blessings. Yes, even NOW!

So if you can allow yourself to see things as God sees them, you will see that NOW is indeed still possible.

Thanks for reading. If you have a love for writing, but often times not sure what to write about, this is a good place to start and stay as we receive weekly word prompts from Kate Motaung via the Five Minute Friday Community Page. 

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: NOW

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    The days we’re now complelled to live
    could be awfully depressing
    if we do not attention give
    to the miracles of blessing
    that rise like grass-shoots through the cracks
    of abandoned concrete walkways;
    against the devil’s fell attacks
    they lift and offer praise
    to the God Who made the sun,
    the God Who brought the rain,
    Who died for those He lived among
    to rise back through the pain
    of the sinful worldly weight
    to tell us that it’s not too late.

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