Five Minute Friday: When Being PATIENT is No Longer a Choice

Sometimes we get it right; sometimes we don’t. Sometimes God has to humble us… sit us down to the point we have no choice BUT to be patient, be still and wait on him.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed saving? Not from someone else, but from SELF! Yes, sometimes we are our own worst enemies, our own downfall, our own setback. But thankfully… My God… I’m so glad we have a Father who sits high and doesn’t mind looking low to check on his babies, his kids, his children, His Sons/Daughters.

Over the last month, I was waiting for something… not good, unfortunately… but I was anxious… And had it NOT been for the unexpected C-virus, it just might have gone as I planned… But, yet again, I’m thankful that it’s God’s plans that prevails over our own. While I’m not too keen on being stuck in the house so much, even as an introvert, I’m thankful for the reminder to be PATIENT. What God has for me will be and it will be perfect because it will be as according to his will.

When being PATIENT is no longer a choice, you (time)… realize why it’s such a virtue. What is God reminding you to be patient about and for?

Thanks for reading. If you have a love for writing, but often times not sure what to write about, this is a good place to start and stay as we receive weekly word prompts from Kate Motaung via the Five Minute Friday Community Page. All you have to do is write for five minutes.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: When Being PATIENT is No Longer a Choice

    • Koko says:

      Yes, and yes, sometimes it can be. Boredom sits in and it’s like ugghhh… But we all know this too shall pass. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    It is coming, that I know,
    and the cup, it will not pass;
    they were my mates, just hours ago,
    and now they’re sleeping in the grass.
    Why could they not wait a while,
    and keep my spirits raised
    with a kind hand, with a smile,
    that I might face the night unfazed?
    But I suppose that it is just
    that they are made of flesh and bone,
    so easy wearied, and I must
    face this dreadful thing alone.
    I’m disappointed, yes, that’s true,
    but now I lay my fate with You.

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