Five Minute Friday: Whew Jesus! Talk about a DISTRACTION



If I had to describe 2019 with a picture, and even coming into 2020, this would be it. A lot of careless, back and forth texting while working at the same time. I honestly don’t know how I got any work done. A fifteen minute task was taking 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes to complete. The minute we exchanged numbers, ‘distraction’ entered in the worst way.

I said it before, I say it now, I even said it then… (funny how we don’t always listen to our own advice), BE CAREFUL who you allow into your space!!! Some things are easy to allow in, yet hard to get rid of. I was literally entertaining a narcissistic spirit that ‘almost’ succeeded in arresting my peace of mind. Books that should’ve been written, work that should’ve been completed outside of the 9-5 were cast aside because thoughts weren’t properly forming.

Things had been good coming into 2019. (time)… But a few moments of loneliness and wanting someone to talk to led to me reaching out to online dating. Once I’d finally broke away from that, here comes a DM. I must be really closing in on something that the enemy doesn’t want me to access. That’s one way of looking at it, but what if God allowed me to have what I’d been whining about only to find out I was not ready.

I recently shared in a FB live, be careful of premature requests referencing the story of the Prodigal Son. It’s not that God doesn’t want us to have the best, but he KNOWS what we’re ready for and not. He doesn’t want us distracted by the things he blesses us with over him as the Blesser. He doesn’t want us distracted by things that will hinder our purpose walk. It was not easy going back to him to ask for forgiveness, for not trusting him to give me what I desire (which is really his desire), when the time is right. But I’m thankful he welcomed me back with open arms.

What’s been a distraction to your relationship with God? Anything that attacks your peace of mind, your sanity, is not of God, but simply a distraction from what God really has for you. God can stop a lot of things, but we have free will/choice. Let’s remember to choose God first, everything else will fall in line!

Thanks for reading. If you have a love for writing, but often times not sure what to write about, this is a good place to start and stay as we receive weekly word prompts from Kate Motaung via the Five Minute Friday Community Page. All you have to do is write for five minutes.

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Whew Jesus! Talk about a DISTRACTION

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    I’ve got lots of peace of mind,
    in fact, I have it all,
    and if you meet me you will find
    that I’m sane as I am tall,
    which isn’t really saying much,
    for I haven’t got much height,
    but my balanced mind is such
    that, well, I just might
    leap from barn roof to a tree
    because, you see, it’s there,
    or gain cycle-racing victory
    because I just don’t care
    if I lives or I deceases,
    for Jesus will pick up the pieces.

  2. pourcettetemps says:

    Thank you for sharing this reflection on Distraction, Kocysha. Every time I have been excited about doing something fir the Lord – getting involved in ministries, delving into his words, etc.- there has been someone or something that comes along and distracts me from my purpose of serving Him. Oh how easily we allow ourselves to be distracted. Praise the Lord that He doesn’t give up on us.

    • Koko says:

      Hello!!! You are so welcome! And yes, I’m so glad He doesn’t give up on us either, especially as we’re so quick to give up on each other. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!

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