30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 5: God’s Open Arms

I’m reminded of the Prodigal Son who wanted his inheritance before the appointed time… who, after the good times had run their course, found himself in a pig’s pen before ‘coming to his senses.’ Approaching his father’s home, yet far away, you will read that the father ran to him with open arms. He was not concerned with where he’d been or what he’d done. He only cared that he was back.
The ‘open arms’ part is what I’m most thankful for where God is concerned. No matter what I’d done or how many times, he welcomed me back with open arms. There was no, “I told you so.” There was no ‘side eye’ response. He didn’t mock me. He didn’t disown me. NO! He welcomed me back with open arms and loved me back into His Light. For that I’m EVER thankful and grateful that He looked beyond my faults, and saw into my heart. (1 Samuel 16:7b)
Take time to reflect on the ‘pig pen’ experiences he’s welcomed you back from with Open Arms and Give Thanks not just with words, but also actions (extending your arms to others)!!!

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