30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 13: Life’s Challenges

Many times our challenges [frustrations] are answers to prayers that we don’t even understand when we submit them, such as “Lord, have your way with me.” “Lord, help me to be more patient, more compassionate, or more sensitive to the needs of others.” or that we’ve forgotten about.
So the next time someone cuts you off in traffic or fails to let you merge, or when you stop by the store after a long day at work and the lines are longer than usual… when someone who’s always had your back, suddenly switches teams or when someone questions your authority… it’s all about ‘perspective’. Not “Why?” But “Lord, what do you need me to see? What are you wanting to show me? What are you teaching me through this situation, this person?
Maybe a challenge is not an answer to a prayer, but simply God looking out for you, having your back, covering you, protecting you.
Yes, for all these reasons and more, I’m thankful for challenges that are really lessons in disguise to build me, not break me. Consider your challenges and the hidden lessons, the hidden blessings!!!

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