30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 16: KLove

It’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but it’s been mine well over 10 years now. I absolutely, hands down love my Praise & Worship Music (as if it’s not obvious).
Having grown up on gospel, I was not feeling the first ‘non-denominational/diverse church experience, like 🤨🤨… But years later, a coworker from AOA introduced me to KLove and that was the start of my love for praise/worship music. One of my supervisors introduced me to Mosaic Church and that’s where I fell in love with the praise/worship experience (and yes, I know it’s so much more than words, song, and raised hands). KLove has truly been a Positive & Encouraging source in my life from both the music and the stories shared. To untrained ears it may not sound like something you care to listen to, but the more you listen to the WORDS, you will begin to experience a shift in your spirit.
I share this today because maybe, just maybe this is the shift you’ve been seeking to begin or improve your relationship with Christ, to regain your hope in life, or to simply be reminded of who God is and how great His love is for you.
Check it out at www.klove.com.
I think the first artist I fell in love with was Michael W. Smith… Here’s one that is my absolute favorite (“Agnus Dei”) and had a chance to hear him sing it live in St. Louis at the Joyce Meyers Women’s Conference.

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