30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 18: Growth

What growth are you thankful for?
Thankful for growth emotionally, professionally, and definitely spiritually. Still working on the physical! 😞😖 (I did walk up 12 flights of stairs Friday because the elevators were out and hadn’t clocked in yet… 😫😫, next time I’m just gone be extra late)
Emotionally, have seen growth in not taking things so personal. There are a MILLION and one reasons why people say & do certain things, or feel a certain way and majority of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with lil ol’ me!!!
Professionally, have seen ‘some’ growth in keeping my mouth closed… 😝, and putting into action (not just remembering) to work unto God (Colossians 3:23).
But Spiritually… WOW!!!! How my eyes have opened in this year alone. Increased Faith to take on new ventures and step out of my comfort zone to connect with people who have been an amazing complement to my life directly or indirectly. Increased Faith to FINALLY invest in myself (for real, for real). Not all ventures/investments proved successful and there were some financial losses, but I made an effort, which is more than I can say this time last year. I think the greatest growth thus far, has been in the areas of self-awareness (acknowledging the reason behind certain decisions), and discernment (taking heed to the spiritual tugs that something just ain’t right).
Growth indeed!!! Practice = Progress | Change = Growth.

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