12 Men to Become 12 Authors to Write 12 Stories ~ Is This You?

Today is a bit different. First, it’s International Men’s Day.

It’s funny (not so much) that very few people acknowledge this day, or even know it exists, but it does. More info can be found at internationalmensday.com.

I love to use the hashtag #BlessedtoBless. Today I was #BlessedtoBless three men with a small gift of thanks. The night is still young – take time to acknowledge the men in your life.

Let us remember that many men soar and rule with grace and humility… they persevere, hustle and grind to take care of their families and households. But even in their strength there is weakness that often goes overlooked, unaddressed, or dismissed.

Let us also not forget those who we ‘feel’ don’t do enough… Change what you speak over them, about them, into them. Speak into existence those things that are not as if they were. šŸ™ŒšŸ¾ TGBTG
Take time today to appreciate the men in your life or a random person (as God so leads you) as you go about your day!!!
Men, Thank you!!! Acknowledge who you are In the Name of Jesus!!!! Take back your place of authority with honor, grace, peace, and humility. The enemy has been holding on to some of y’all too long. But fret not. God’s arms are open wide to receive you with an abundance of love like you’ve never experienced. Do not fear! Let him love you back into your rightful place!!! Know him for yourself!!! I was reminded this morning, and leave you with this: Taste and see that the Lord is good!!!
Now… with that being said… something else I’ve noticed… I commend our ladies on creating anthologies for women as I’ve been a part of few, but today I’m happy to share I’m creating a platform for men by men to be authors and share their stories also!!!
Are you a male who would like to be an author, or know another male who would, check out this project info at http://www.kocyshalashaun.com/iammbkap



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