30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 20: Gift of Writing

Never imagined being an author… Been writing since grade school, but then it was more so an emotional outlet. Now, I write to share the beauty of God’s grace and love… how deep it reaches (to the lowest of valleys), how wide it stretches. (from the east to the west… immeasurable).
This time two years ago, I was thankful to have finally received my 1st set of the new book, “Out of the Darkness, and Into the LIGHT” (part of the “See Self as God Sees” mini-book series)
Thank You and Continuous Blessings to those who have purchased a copy!! Your support is Always Greatly Appreciated!!!
Do you have a story to share? Not just a story, but a message! Happy to help because I know there are people I can’t reach, but YOU can!!! I’d love to chat with you. Go to http://www.kocyshalashaun.setmore.com

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