30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 23: Identity

If we’re not careful we become any/everything to everybody EXCEPT who we were created to be by and for the God who created us.
I can’t express enough how important it is to be clear on our identity, who we are according to God’s word!!! So many people caught up because of identity issues. Having struggled with it for a long time myself, yes, I’m humbled, grateful, and beyond thankful for HIS Identity, for having the mind and will to finally accept who HE says I am!!!
One of my favorite songs by Hillsong, I am “Who [He] Say[s] I Am” https://youtu.be/lKw6uqtGFfo
Align yourself with who God says you are and there you will find peace. No, not everyone will agree or accept, and you have to be okay with that because they’re not your Creator!!!

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