30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 28: Redirection

Whew! Talk about confused. Ever had a plan, but it wasn’t exactly God’s plan? Ever had your mind set on something, but it didn’t quite work out as you hoped? Signed up for something, only to have to pull back?

Often times we hear rejection is often God’s way of protecting or redirecting us. Sometimes we’re not the ones being rejected, but the one who has to do the rejection. Not an easy stance, but I can remember a Facebook post that was very much received as a warning that staying in the wrong place too long can be a dangerous thing.

I’m thankful for the redirections in my life because unfortunately I’ve not always seen people for who they really were (even beneath the whole spiritual, only do what God say persona), and sometimes we overstay our season (plant, water, nurture). So, yes, God has to redirect us when we are not quick or bold enough to leave or not aware of the danger to come, at which point we just have to trust God to lead the way.

#30DaysofGivingThanks #Day28


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