Five Minute Friday: Time

Well, it’s that time again… It’s Five Minute Friday and our word for today is “TIME”…. What immediately came to mind is it’s time for things to come to fruition. A lot of preparation work was in play for 2020. 2021 it shall come to pass…

What else comes to mind is to tell you it’s time to stop settling, to stop downplaying your calling, your gifts. Do you realize how many  people are waiting for YOU to show up. And the things you’re probably so focused on – not feeling qualified enough, worried about what someone else will thing, maybe your life is not completely together – they could care less about.

Does that mean you show up any kind of way and reckless? No! But in the words of Pastor Mike Todd, “You’re not expected to be perfect, but make sure you’re progressing.”

Take inventory of what you have now… What can you do with what’s in your possession? In 2013, all I needed to begin this entrepreneurial journey was my laptop and research skills…

It’s your time… I don’t mean that in the cliche’ish way so to speak… (time)… I just simply mean it’s time to take action. That action could be a number of things from praying, meditating, spending more time in devotion, but it could also mean starting that business, writing that blog, starting a podcast, going LIVE… Only you know! What is God waiting for you to do? It’s time!

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