Five Minute Friday: Fix

Who or What are you trying to fix that’s not part of your assignment?

I get it!!! You’re inherently a ‘fixer’. It’s in your DNA. You just can’t help the desire, need, fulfillment of wanting to fix someone or something you deem broken. This is honorable, HOWEVER, if you’re a Fixer like me, you’ve been disappointed a time or two… or three… when the person/thing you attempted to fix remained broken.

What I’ve learned over time is: (1) Not EVERYTHING we find broken is meant to be fixed, and (2) Not everything we come across broken is meant for US to fix. I should also share that ‘fix’ can mean different things. Maybe you want to help heal someone’s broken heart, change (or renew) someone’s perspective about something. Maybe you want to help someone experience life in a different way, God’s way. Maybe you want to mend a broken relationship or restructure a broken system or organization.

What if the broken thing or person was not meant to be fixed, restored, healed, or changed. Hard to fathom… I know!!! What if the broken thing or person was not to be fixed, restored, healed, or changed by YOU? (time) Yes, I know… You’re such a giving, thoughtful, considerate person who simply wants to make the world a better place

A few lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way in some cases… We all have gifts, talents, skills… a purpose… a calling… and assignments to complete. And while we may often times think we’re meant to be so much to everybody, that’s just not the case. We also have a particular group of people that we’re called/assigned to. Pouring energy into something or someone NOT part of our assignment becomes draining, frustrating, and stressful among other things. It also leaves the ‘one’ you were meant to pour into empty. Sometimes things/people remain broken because there’s a greater lesson to be gained by the group or person, which means interfering at the wrong time either enables bad thinking/behavior or disrupts the purging season they’re in.

So the next time you feel the need to fix something… stop for a second… Are you the one to fix it/them? Is it time to be fixed? What’s your motive? (selfish gain or God-instructed)?

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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fix

  1. princessofthelaundrybasket says:

    Such wisdom – always good to ask why do I feel the need to fix this? Is it their problem or mine? Is it a problem at all?!
    Visiting from FMF #41

  2. #Simply~ChasingJesus;ByPaula says:

    Thanks for talking to me about me. You hit the nail on the head for me and I bet sooooo many others. Thank you for all the great reminders, and reminding me to pause and reflect before I try to fix, they may not be in my purpose to fix, only God. I need to be mindful of whose life I’m being called into. Blessings.
    Visiting from FMF#12

    • Koko says:

      I felt the ‘ouches’ too. So many times I have to reel myself in like, “Stop!” Yes, to being mindful of who we’re called to! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Anita Ojeda says:

    I’m so glad you stopped by so I could find you :). I haven’t ‘met’ you yet! I am also one of those fixer people who think they should try to fix every little thing. Your wise advice to stop and ask God for direction before jumping in with my ‘toolbag’ will help me pause and pray before I whip out my screwdriver or hammer next time!

    • Koko says:

      Awesome!!! I love that you used the tool reference and it actually reminds me of the story of Saul and David. Saul wanted him to use his tunic, but it was too big. Praying before whipping out the screwdriver or hammer is necessary because we not only need discernment for what battles to fight, but what tools to use. Look at you! Love it!!! Thanks for visiting!

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