Five Minute Friday: Observant

When I first saw the prompt word for this week, I thought. Observe with your eyes and ears.

Often times we consider the word ‘observe’ and sight or seeing probably comes to mind… something visual.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned to be observant, yes, in the visual sense, but also in what I hear and how people engage in conversations… which in a way is also kin to being discerning. Not everything is as it seems. Boy, oh boy. A lot of predators out here… wolves in sheep clothing. Often times we miss telltale signs because of an eagerness to do something, achieve something, or be a part of something. But in paying attention to people, not only do you pick up on certain (time) questionable behavior, but if you pay attention a little bit longer… you may see the root of a behavior as opposed to just the symptom(s).

Hmm… this requires seeing/hearing with our spiritual eyes/ears as opposed to our carnal eyes/ears. On the surface we see a symptom and automatically make a conclusion about a person or situation. But when we allow the Jesus in us to take over, we begin to see things in a different light. We acquire a little more patience to wait and see how things unfold. We tend to be more merciful, loving, and gracious… less critical. Observe to learn, not judge.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Observant

  1. kelly @kellyblackwell says:

    The more I pause in my observations, the more opportunity to see with the eyes of Jesus, hear with his ears and love with his heart.
    Thanks for the food for thought. Loved your post. Have a wonderful weekend.

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