Five Minute Friday: Green

I just want to encourage someone on this Friday night with a common saying that “God is still in the blessing business.”

Green = Growth (among other things). But today I will focus on growth. We’re still in the middle of this pandemic and thousands are still filing for unemployment, readjusting where possible. Many are in a place where they’re LITERALLY having to start over. If that’s you I want to remind you that we serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever more. However, he blessed you before, he is capable of doing that and then some even now. One thing I’ve learned is not to get too attached to things or even assignments. Everything has a season.

So consider where you are now as the beginning of a new season. Yes, it looks bleak, it may not seem like much. But don’t forget God has a way of turning small things into greater. Consider yourself as this flower surrounded by so many obstacles, yet somehow it’s managed to rise above and even bloom into something beautiful. Such is the same with you. Allow God to pour into you more of who he is and watch the beauty that springs forth in and through you!

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