FHoM, Episode 13: Redeemed for Greater

We are officially in Month 4 of this new radio show/podcast, “From the Hearts of Men”. It is a virtual sequel of my latest book, “From the Heart of God to the Hearts of Men” where men share their God-inspired transformations, life-changing decisions, and spiritual aha moments.

Tomorrow at 12 noon, cst, Author, Life Coach, and At-Risk Specialist, Reginald Foreman shares a story of true redemption. In spite of his childhood, he continued to push through. In spite of his incarceration and being released only to be told 3 years later that it was in error, God still worked it all out for his good.

To catch us LIVE on air tomorrow at 12 noon, cst, go to envisionedbroadcasting.com/from-the-hearts-of-men. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more episodes.

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