30 Days of Gratitude, Day 2

Good Evening,

To have an attitude of gratitude is to be thankful for all things, big or small, good or not so good. It’s to remain in a spirit of humility as you acknowledge it could be worse.

But ALWAYS!!! Can anyone ALWAYS be something? I stand to be corrected, but may I encourage you to keep a mindset of thinking on something before reacting. In other words, for a snippet, for a moment, you may forget to have an attitude of gratitude, as this is a process!!! Sometimes you might have to “woosah” your way into an attitude of gratitude. And in those moments, Thank God for growth!!!

Ready to BE ACCELERATED INTO PURPOSE, but feeling stuck, complacent, less than, hidden…

Join me Every Monday morning at 10 am, cst (11 am, est) on Morning Breakthrough with KoKo

as I Help You Undo so God Can Do!!


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