30 Days of Gratitude: Day 14

Let’s be honest. You’re likely not to forget, but forgiveness is possible and highly encouraged. I know for many, this can be a process. But I encourage you to see the blessing even in the midst… Annnnd to also be honest with yourself.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to tell the person “thank you”. But thank God for the experience. I recently talked about something similar in Episode 6 of Morning Breakthrough with Koko: Be Thankful for What Was.

The reason you can be thankful for the experience is because (1) It taught you something, (2) It became (could be) the platform for your purpose, and (3) It showed you the how the hand/grace of God appeared in your life.

When you reach the point of true forgiveness, you don’t have to remind the person of what happened. You don’t have to always talk about it, bring it up in an argument or hang it over their heard. Over time, there’s a mental note to be thankful, more discerning, and even loving. Allow yourself time to heal, learn, and grow. Also, extend yourself a bit of grace… sometimes the person to be forgiven is self…


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