30 Days of Gratitude: Day 26

Often times I have to check myself when I come across something new and ask myself “Why?” Do I really need more, or do I just need to do more with what I already have? The latter has been the answer in many cases. Often times we have what we need, but we enter this “space” for lack of better word where we would rather start over with something new or better than continue with something we’ve fumbled over. We become frustrated, stressed, ready to give up, give in… Gratefulness goes out the door. But when we take a moment to ask God what to do with what we have, we’ll find more is not what we need, nor will it bring more happiness or joy. Instead, in the answer we receive from God, we experience an “aha moment”, realizing the more we needed was simply clarification, a new perspective (new set of eyes, if you will).


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