Dear Future Author: Something to Edit

Hence the reason to write as much as your heart desires in the 1st draft. But the point here is simply to write. Not only can you NOT edit a blank page, you can’t promote something you’ve not created. You can’t expect results from something you’ve not created. You can do more with something than nothing! Write even if your thoughts seem all over the place.

Now, the perfectionist in me has to share this disclaimer because I don’t want you to end up with something that’s completely unorganized. These tips work best if you’re working within chapter outlines.

Kocysha LaShaun has been writing since a child and acquired a love for editing as a college student. She is a 4x self-published author and co-author of four books, having served as Writing Coach/Editor for two anthology projects.

She offers services as a Self-Publishing Coach-Consultant and Editor. She’s facilitated two writing workshops (stay tuned for the next one coming March 2023) focused on “The Six Keys to Writing” to help authors establish an organized structure.

Interested in a Consult, Click Here!


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