Five Minute Friday: Remedy

If a remedy is needed, something somewhere is broken, out of whack, or out of position in some way. I think it’s fair to say when something needs a cure or needs a fix, we often revert to a need for communication – clarity, understanding the other person, or understanding the different pieces involved.

Yes, communication is key… but not just verbally. It’s easy to say something, but how are we backing up what we speak. How are we living out what we claim to believe in? As I was searching for an image to go with this, I found the below picture and instantly thought about the fruits of the spirit (yes, there are more pills than fruits – bear with me… lol).

Galatians 5:22-23 describes the fruit of the Spirit as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Maybe I’m naive, but for me I think a lot of things could be remedied (not sure if that’s a word) by walking out the fruits listed above. The next time you encounter a situation that tries your patience or frustrates you a bit, consider one of the fruits above as a response. Now, I’ll say this – it’s not about how the other person responds… but how do you feel? Is there a sense of peace in your spirit knowing that you responded to someone or something versus reacting. Your response, your answer, your remedy could or could not change the other party/factor, but for you, there is peace! But we should also remember that our response is a seed planted for God to water.

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Five Minute Friday: Green

I just want to encourage someone on this Friday night with a common saying that “God is still in the blessing business.”

Green = Growth (among other things). But today I will focus on growth. We’re still in the middle of this pandemic and thousands are still filing for unemployment, readjusting where possible. Many are in a place where they’re LITERALLY having to start over. If that’s you I want to remind you that we serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever more. However, he blessed you before, he is capable of doing that and then some even now. One thing I’ve learned is not to get too attached to things or even assignments. Everything has a season.

So consider where you are now as the beginning of a new season. Yes, it looks bleak, it may not seem like much. But don’t forget God has a way of turning small things into greater. Consider yourself as this flower surrounded by so many obstacles, yet somehow it’s managed to rise above and even bloom into something beautiful. Such is the same with you. Allow God to pour into you more of who he is and watch the beauty that springs forth in and through you!

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Five Minute Friday: Enable

Admittedly, I had to go to the dictionary to start the thinking process. So here’s a bit of encouragement for you this weekend.

In order to grow in something we have to feed a need. Feeding that need enables – or in my mind – it triggers other events, or it unlocks something. When we unlock one thing, something else gets set in motion, thereby enabling something new!

I’m a teacher of spiritual growth and development focused a lot on spiritual maturity. For years I used to say the common phrase, “That’s just who I am.” It’s been a process of unlearning some things and getting out of that mindset.

The more I got into the word, the more I enabled a new mindset. The verses that immediately come to mind are “create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10) and “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2).

One step, one action enables another. That’s how we keep from getting stagnant or complacent in something. So if by chance, you’ve been struggling with being stuck in a particular place, consider the fact that all it takes is ONE step to enable something new.

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Five Minute Friday: Observant

When I first saw the prompt word for this week, I thought. Observe with your eyes and ears.

Often times we consider the word ‘observe’ and sight or seeing probably comes to mind… something visual.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned to be observant, yes, in the visual sense, but also in what I hear and how people engage in conversations… which in a way is also kin to being discerning. Not everything is as it seems. Boy, oh boy. A lot of predators out here… wolves in sheep clothing. Often times we miss telltale signs because of an eagerness to do something, achieve something, or be a part of something. But in paying attention to people, not only do you pick up on certain (time) questionable behavior, but if you pay attention a little bit longer… you may see the root of a behavior as opposed to just the symptom(s).

Hmm… this requires seeing/hearing with our spiritual eyes/ears as opposed to our carnal eyes/ears. On the surface we see a symptom and automatically make a conclusion about a person or situation. But when we allow the Jesus in us to take over, we begin to see things in a different light. We acquire a little more patience to wait and see how things unfold. We tend to be more merciful, loving, and gracious… less critical. Observe to learn, not judge.

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Five Minute Friday: Once

Do you struggle with wanting to belong, people-pleasing, co-dependency issues, or need for validation?

If so, I understand. That was me ONCE, and even now I still find that I have to be careful. This often looks like a battle between a simple yes or no.

What do I mean?

Our flesh often times says “yes” to things our spirit is saying “no” to. We want to belong so we go along with things that we know are either not right or not conducive to our overall well-being. We want to please someone so we’re not alone, so we’re accepted and we say “yes” to some obligation even though our spirit is literally screaming “NO”. (time) We may say “yes” in the sense that we tolerate certain behavior because we believe we’d lose out if we let go (no). And then sometimes we say “yes” by acting a certain way to gain attention because we want to be seen instead of accepting a no or rejection as a form of redirection, protection, and/or blessing in disguise.

We’ve all experienced one or all of these at some point in our lives, and in some ways still are… So what have I done to break free of these irrational beliefs where I thought ‘If I… then she/he will…’ or ‘If I… then this will or will not…’?

One MAJOR thing that’s helped me is SELF-REFLECTION. Being unapologetically honest with myself and God about why I think and do some of the things I do. It’s not pretty. It doesn’t feel good. You may even feel a bit naïve and gullible, but when you get tired of compromising or giving your “pearls to swine” that wake-up call for a “come-to-Jesus-talk” begins to weigh heavy on your heart.

Don’t feel bad… Feel better by doing better… Self-reflection allows you to question your current beliefs which foster certain thoughts and eventually certain behaviors. And if we’re honest, many of us have been living and existing on a faulty belief system… BUT it doesn’t have to remain as such.

I’d love to hear ONE thing that’s helped you overcome similar issues mentioned above.

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Five Minute Friday: Sunrise

Sunrise… hmmm… a smile from God… I don’t know that I’ve actually seen the sun rise, but I can remember one moment on a women’s retreat at the Red Apple Inn in Heber Springs, Arkansas where I fell in love with nature.

It was early and cool out as I sat outside just taking in the beauty of the moment. It was slightly foggy still and I remember seeing a squirrel scurrying about from one spot to another. I remember feeling a sense of peace and in awe of God’s creation.

I imagine seeing a sunrise would be just the same, but more captivating…. (time)...

This picture is a perfect illustration of what I believe I’d feel… God’s love. Him smiling down on me. Refreshed! I really don’t have the words to describe it, but it would indeed be the most heartwarming feeling in the world.

Imagine God’s love rushing over you like a flood… covering you… overpowering you, but in a good way… how awesome is that!

How do you see God in a sunrise? I’d love to see what you see!

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Five Minute Friday: Design

I’m reminded of Psalm 139:14 that says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (NIV). I also love the NLT version, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.”

Somewhat of a novice graphic designer, when I saw today’s prompt word was design, this is what came to mind.

And when I consider the verse above, I’m thankful for the sovereignty of God to create and design us in so many unique ways. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made – I remember reading somewhere about how God took his time to intricately design each of us in such a way that we (time)… are able to complement each other’s gifts, talents, skills, and needs.

And it’s not about perfection… says the perfectionist (tendencies…lol). As seen in the image above, even every line, every wrinkle, every wave is intentional. Often times we get caught up in appearances, but also what we have or don’t have compared to someone else. But when we remember that God, the Creator of all things (lest not forget all things he made was good), God the Designer of our very being knew what we needed in ALL ways to fulfill the purpose we’ve been birthed for.

I also want to highlight from the image above… I don’t know if you see it, but I see the silhouette of a woman. Now, I imagine God, the potter, and we, as the clay. While from the outside we see lines, wrinkles, and waves… when the veil is removed, a beautiful soul emerges. My, My!!! People may only see your scars, your flaws, your mistakes, or setbacks… but you’re still here meaning God is not through with you yet. Each day we awake He’s still molding us, conforming us, transforming us and even designing us. Not all designs are permanent. They change over time. As we grow in his word, as we evolve, guess what? We change too. So, let’s remember that specifically, not all designs are permanent. The beauty of something that’s not so pretty now has yet to be revealed. But even in the stage of un-prettiness, let’s accept and love what’s still a creation of God.

I know I went different places with this one, but hopefully something tugs at your heart and your perspective, your lens!

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Five Minute Friday: Fix

Who or What are you trying to fix that’s not part of your assignment?

I get it!!! You’re inherently a ‘fixer’. It’s in your DNA. You just can’t help the desire, need, fulfillment of wanting to fix someone or something you deem broken. This is honorable, HOWEVER, if you’re a Fixer like me, you’ve been disappointed a time or two… or three… when the person/thing you attempted to fix remained broken.

What I’ve learned over time is: (1) Not EVERYTHING we find broken is meant to be fixed, and (2) Not everything we come across broken is meant for US to fix. I should also share that ‘fix’ can mean different things. Maybe you want to help heal someone’s broken heart, change (or renew) someone’s perspective about something. Maybe you want to help someone experience life in a different way, God’s way. Maybe you want to mend a broken relationship or restructure a broken system or organization.

What if the broken thing or person was not meant to be fixed, restored, healed, or changed. Hard to fathom… I know!!! What if the broken thing or person was not to be fixed, restored, healed, or changed by YOU? (time) Yes, I know… You’re such a giving, thoughtful, considerate person who simply wants to make the world a better place

A few lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way in some cases… We all have gifts, talents, skills… a purpose… a calling… and assignments to complete. And while we may often times think we’re meant to be so much to everybody, that’s just not the case. We also have a particular group of people that we’re called/assigned to. Pouring energy into something or someone NOT part of our assignment becomes draining, frustrating, and stressful among other things. It also leaves the ‘one’ you were meant to pour into empty. Sometimes things/people remain broken because there’s a greater lesson to be gained by the group or person, which means interfering at the wrong time either enables bad thinking/behavior or disrupts the purging season they’re in.

So the next time you feel the need to fix something… stop for a second… Are you the one to fix it/them? Is it time to be fixed? What’s your motive? (selfish gain or God-instructed)?

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Five Minute Friday: Time

Well, it’s that time again… It’s Five Minute Friday and our word for today is “TIME”…. What immediately came to mind is it’s time for things to come to fruition. A lot of preparation work was in play for 2020. 2021 it shall come to pass…

What else comes to mind is to tell you it’s time to stop settling, to stop downplaying your calling, your gifts. Do you realize how many  people are waiting for YOU to show up. And the things you’re probably so focused on – not feeling qualified enough, worried about what someone else will thing, maybe your life is not completely together – they could care less about.

Does that mean you show up any kind of way and reckless? No! But in the words of Pastor Mike Todd, “You’re not expected to be perfect, but make sure you’re progressing.”

Take inventory of what you have now… What can you do with what’s in your possession? In 2013, all I needed to begin this entrepreneurial journey was my laptop and research skills…

It’s your time… I don’t mean that in the cliche’ish way so to speak… (time)… I just simply mean it’s time to take action. That action could be a number of things from praying, meditating, spending more time in devotion, but it could also mean starting that business, writing that blog, starting a podcast, going LIVE… Only you know! What is God waiting for you to do? It’s time!

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Five Minute Friday: PEOPLE

People! Unique and different in so many ways, but a beautiful species.

We meet people every day not always knowing who they really are beyond skin color, title, position, or gender. We see what they allow us to see. But when we take a moment to greet others with a smile, a hug or a handshake, you’d be surprised at the walls that come down. Yeah, I know some people don’t always know how to receive this, but it’s a beautiful thing to just sit and chat with people you meet in passing that you’ll probably never see again, but for that moment, you enjoy each other’s company.

I remember, specifically, maybe early part of this year, I went for a mammogram and there was an older White lady in the waiting room. Had never seen her before, probably never will, but in that moment, we enjoyed a few moments of conversation. Mostly me listening to her, but nonetheless, it was a pleasant encounter as I listened to her talk about her good health and the traveling she and her husband wanted to do and how she’d just recently taken a cake class that she loved.

I know some people ‘look’ mean or ‘look’ some certain way that may hinder you from approaching them or starting a conversation, but I’ve learned in my 41 years of life, (time) everyone is not as they always appear, and I’ve been greatly blessed AND surprised to meet the person behind the appearance.

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