FHoM, Episode 13: Redeemed for Greater

We are officially in Month 4 of this new radio show/podcast, “From the Hearts of Men”. It is a virtual sequel of my latest book, “From the Heart of God to the Hearts of Men” where men share their God-inspired transformations, life-changing decisions, and spiritual aha moments.

Tomorrow at 12 noon, cst, Author, Life Coach, and At-Risk Specialist, Reginald Foreman shares a story of true redemption. In spite of his childhood, he continued to push through. In spite of his incarceration and being released only to be told 3 years later that it was in error, God still worked it all out for his good.

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New Book Coming Soon

I couldn’t think of a better day than today to announce the Upcoming Release of my new book, “From the Heart of God to the Hearts of Men”.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

2 Days Remain…

For the most part I’m excited, but there have definitely been some Moses’ and Jeremiah moments when I’ve questioned if I’m equipped for this assignment.
Yesterday while listening to one of Bishop’s/Furtick’s interviews, there was a ‘baby leap’ as Bishop T.D. Jakes shared how it was “totally inappropriate for a woman to carry a message first, but there are some times and some seasons when you have to break protocol of the day because Jesus was looking for someone bold enough to walk into a room full of men and say, ‘I know for myself Jesus is risen!'” (Mark 16:9-10).

3 Days Away…

The last few days I’ve shared about different men in the Bible… many more that could be shared… but the point was to show how in spite of their shortcomings, in spite of their moments of faithlessness, in spite of how others viewed them… God kept his promise.
Romans 11:29 tells us ‘for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable’. Another translation says ‘can never be withdrawn’.

5 Days Remain – New Project Announcement

Yes, he murdered an Egyptian in an attempt to defend his fellow Hebrew brother and had to flee when called out on his action (Exodus 2:11-15). Yet it was he whom God instructed to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 3:10). It didn’t matter that he felt the people may not listen (Exodus 4:1), or that he claimed to be slow of speech and tongue (Exodus 4:10)… Even though God was angered by his pleas to be excused from this assignment, Moses was not excused as God allowed Aaron to assist. (Exodus 4:14-17)… As I’m listening to “Business Secrets of the Bible” something worthy of noting is there was never any mention of Moses’ inability to speak again.

7 Days Away…

In spite of God’s word that his offspring would be as many as the stars (Genesis 15:5), Abraham agreed with his wife to sleep with her slave, Hagar (Genesis 16)… Twice he lied about his relation to Sarah, which affected other households (Genesis 12:10-20 and Genesis 20)… EVEN STILL God was true to his promise with the birth of Isaac (Genesis 21).

12 Men to Become 12 Authors to Write 12 Stories ~ Is This You?

Today is a bit different. First, it’s International Men’s Day.

It’s funny (not so much) that very few people acknowledge this day, or even know it exists, but it does. More info can be found at internationalmensday.com.

I love to use the hashtag #BlessedtoBless. Today I was #BlessedtoBless three men with a small gift of thanks. The night is still young – take time to acknowledge the men in your life.

Let us remember that many men soar and rule with grace and humility… they persevere, hustle and grind to take care of their families and households. But even in their strength there is weakness that often goes overlooked, unaddressed, or dismissed.

Let us also not forget those who we ‘feel’ don’t do enough… Change what you speak over them, about them, into them. Speak into existence those things that are not as if they were. 🙌🏾 TGBTG
Take time today to appreciate the men in your life or a random person (as God so leads you) as you go about your day!!!
Men, Thank you!!! Acknowledge who you are In the Name of Jesus!!!! Take back your place of authority with honor, grace, peace, and humility. The enemy has been holding on to some of y’all too long. But fret not. God’s arms are open wide to receive you with an abundance of love like you’ve never experienced. Do not fear! Let him love you back into your rightful place!!! Know him for yourself!!! I was reminded this morning, and leave you with this: Taste and see that the Lord is good!!!
Now… with that being said… something else I’ve noticed… I commend our ladies on creating anthologies for women as I’ve been a part of few, but today I’m happy to share I’m creating a platform for men by men to be authors and share their stories also!!!
Are you a male who would like to be an author, or know another male who would, check out this project info at http://www.kocyshalashaun.com/iammbkap


#IAmMyBrothersKeeper “Dinner with the 12”

‼️Special #IAmMBK Announcement in 3 Days, Nov. 19‼️
1. I wanted so bad to host a men’s conference in 2018. Even paid out $1200+ for speaker and travel expenses but no one was signing up… 😔 On a trip back from Ft. Worth I was rerouted to a detour and in that moment, God made it clear that it would happen but not the way I expected. Even after that I attempted to host it virtually, but to no avail. So I had to swallow my pride and let it be, but several lessons were learned… 🙌🏾
2. So in 2019 when I felt the nudge to honor men for #InternationalMensDay (Nov. 19)… ummm… 1st of all I didn’t have the same financial resources as the year before and there was only maybe a 4 month timeframe for planning so me and Daddy God had to have a little talk. 🧐
3. But I listened!!! Didn’t have to think hard on the 12, even though three eventually declined… 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ “Okay, now Lord!!!” (It happens)… I was stretched, yet covered, and God worked it all out as he always does!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
And on this special day last year, I was #BlessedtoBless 11 amazing men and 1 admirable young man (#the12) with the #IAmMBKManofGreatnessAward for their contributions to the community, as well as 3 #EverydayHeroes! God is Good.

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I thank each of these guys for allowing me to acknowledge their greatness and using the gifts, skills and talents God gave them to bless others. I leave them with Galatians 6:9 and Matthew 6:4!
I am forever grateful to all those who in someway contributed to this event. There is definitely more to come.