Five Minute Friday: “Small”

I’ve been reading WisdomfromaFather’s Friday posts for a while now and thought the idea of Five minute writings was neat. So here I am joining hundreds of others in Five Minute Fridays started by Lisa Jo-Baker. The key is to write for five minutes based on Lisa-Jo’s prompt “No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.” 

So here we go: “Small”


I saw the word “small” and my mind began to flood with thoughts. So I’m basing the — the foundation of this post is simply this:

“The greatest blessings come in small packages.”

When I see this word, I think random acts of kindness, how it’s the smallest things in life that matters to people. So many occasions flash through my mind of the looks on people’s faces when I was able to bless them, not realizing just how God’s hand was at work. You know the “right place, right time” kind of blessings. For me, when blessing someone, the thing I take away is their reaction. The “Oh my God.” It’s a priceless moment that leaves me in tears.

OAN: I think about relationships and the people who believe it is the material things that matter the most when it’s not. Many times it’s a matter of remembering something they spoke on that they wish could happen and making it reality.


The After Five: Obviously my thoughts are racing faster than my fingers can type… So to clarify:
1. When blessing others, I believe it to be a move that God has spoken into one’s heart, which means there are no expectations, except to act. The beauty of it all for me is that I “listened”. Because often times, I’ve thought, wow, if I hadn’t listened, what would have happened in that person’s situation. It’s as simple as listening to God’s voice, putting aside our carnal thoughts and reasoning’s and acting out of faith. We are all a part of someone else’s breakthrough. We want to be used to spread God’s love and sometimes forget that to do so all it takes is a small action called “listening”.


2. Growing up, the one thing that pleased my mom was when we made her cards as opposed to buying them. Many times we get caught up in life, forgetting the things that matter and make a rush to the store to buy a gift for whatever holiday it may be. But it’s not the gift that matters as much as the thought put into it. No one can quite put the special effects on a gift as you can from the memories of your time with a person. So for those reading this, just remember that it’s okay to be simple, gifts don’t have to be expensive, but heartfelt.


3. Lastly, small acts that bring great blessings: Giving a student a hug. Being vulnerable with someone at the right moment to let them know they are not alone. Telling someone you love them (who may not have heard those words spoken to them before). Telling someone they look beautiful…. The list goes on.

Just remember that what seems to be small, minute, not a big deal, a shrug of a shoulder, something in passing, nothing to write home about — might be the thing that brings an outpouring of blessings.

So with that being said, I’m: 


Saying, “Ya’ll have a Blessed Friday Night!”