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Five Minute Friday: “Begin!”

Wow… I see a lot of things going on. I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few weeks or a month trying to restructure some things with my business. And now I see this is the last FMF hosting week for Lisa-Jo.

Well, with a beginning comes an end to something. For the last month, I’ve been focusing on restructuring my website, creating new services, and package plans. A lot of work and it definitely takes a lot of focus. But I can appreciate the new phase I’m in and moving forward with a grateful attitude.

I believe new beginnings come after a reflection process. When you reach a certain milestone in life, you take the time to stop, refocus, reflect on what was good, reflect on what was not so good, and basically reorganize or restructure. New beginnings symbolize growth, moving to the next level or phase, and this can be in regards to one’s personal, spiritual or professional life.


The After Five: 

New beginnings can also be a bit scary as one enters new territory with no direction other than to go forward. And with fear comes those pesky little thoughts: “How will I do?” “Will I do better than before?” “Will this relationship last longer than the last?” “Will this degree finally allow me to move up professionally?”

Along with other positive thinking strategies, here’s my take on moving forward with confidence. The same way you overcame the obstacles, uncertainties, and mistakes in the last phase, so it will be in the next phase because you are a Conqueror. Even on the days you wanted to quit, and even if you did quit, somewhere along the way you decided to get back up again. Somewhere along the way you decided to tell “rejection” it would not win and that you would push forward no matter what it took.

Your new beginning today is the light that you sought after before. Rejoice in your new beginning. Be thankful for your new beginning, and enjoy the new process as you work towards your next new beginning.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

I wish you well in your own new beginnings of life.

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