Ezekiel 36:26

Ezekiel 36_26

Good morning All!

I was baptized at the age of 12, but I will admit that I got worse instead of better. There was no renewing of the heart and therefore, no change in attitude.  I know better now, but at the time, it was simply another day, dipped in the pool, became a member and everyone got excited. But no one stayed the course to actually teach me what it meant to be under the blood, or how to be one with the Holy Spirit.

That was well over 20 years ago. Many churches have expanded and increased the types of services they offer to those new to Christ nowadays. So hopefully, the right eyes will see this post. It’s not enough to “just” baptize and welcome lost souls as part of the church family now. Respectfully speaking, they are “lost” for a reason. They don’t need us to just grab their hand and tell them the church beliefs and bylaws or how they are expected to serve, they need guidance, which TAKES TIME (more for some than others). I understand the responsibility of Christians (whatever religion) to serve others, to be strong, and to bless even in the midst of our storms, but some lost souls need help in understanding how to receive a new heart (and what that even means), how to accept the new spirit that has been given to them. If all they know is to be stony and stubborn, water alone will not teach them, Sunday morning sermons are not always enough.

Lost souls come to church because they’re missing something. People change churches because they’re missing something. And they are in need of someone to show them, to teach them one-on-one, how to be receptive to God’s spirit, how to discern the voice of God from others, how to be still before God, how to break free of their strongholds.

Maybe you are the one responsible for welcoming new people and getting them connected in the church. Or maybe you are a mentor/coach in the church. If so, please keep the above in mind. Take time to actually walk alongside new people that come in. Even if they are simply changing churches and especially if they’ve been out for a while. Never assume – some people really don’t know how to be more than what they’ve been. And don’t give up along the way, because more times than not, there will be walls to break down before even getting to the root of that person’s void.

This is a beautiful verse that reminds me of hope. But for many who don’t understand, how does one receive this hope. How does one allow the walls to break, how does one become vulnerable without feeling weak? We teach them through the Word and through our actions. We take out the time to minister and not just assume.

 My prayer is that those in leadership positions will not get caught up just in the day-to-day responsibilities attached to certain positions, but will remember the real meaning of ministering to others, that it’s not about money or status. If the people are coming, they are talking, but are we REALLY listening to their cry?

Blessings to all!


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Thanks in advance and may your heart be Blessed!!!