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“Life is about making an impact, not

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Accept the Challenge to Change!

The only person you should be better (1)Change does not happen in places of complacency, comfort, or convenience. While these are our safe havens, they don’t always propel us to reach greater heights.

Yes, it’s easy to stay in a place where we know what to expect, either good or bad, but when we do so, we limit ourselves to greater opportunities.

Did you know that God already has your blessings on standby? The question is: How much do you want something? Why do you want it? What will you do to get it?

Are you ready for something different? Are you willing to change? Do you want to change, but not sure how? What is God asking you to change? What fears are you grappling with?

10 Ways to Accept the Challenge to Change:

1. Interact with individuals/groups on a different level of maturity

2. Attend church

3. Go back to school

4. Selectively share your ideas for a new project or business with someone

5. Be more selective of the TV shows you watch and the music you listen to

6. Find a mentor or coach

7. Find and take classes on being self-aware

8. Change your eating/exercise habits

9. Create a daily schedule

10. Say NO!

These are just a few things that come to mind that are a challenge (to some, not all), but if done, would bring about a new and positive change in one’s life.

~Koko, The Professional Soul Mate~

Better Than the “Yesterday” You!

The only person you should be betterMany times we become caught up in what the next person is doing out of fear of whether we’re doing enough or simply wanting more or something different. But what really happens with comparing ourselves to others is ‘mental chaos’. We end up doing things that are not God-anointed.

It’s important to remember that we each have a separate purpose for a specific type of people. The people you’re reaching out to may not be the same people that I’m to reach out to. Even if they are in the same industry, they have different needs.

So when you awake each morning, worry less about what this person is doing and instead ask God “What would you have me to do today?”
“Who should I bless today?”  “What can I do different today?”

~Koko, The Professional Soul Mate~