Humbled by His Grace, Ch. 1: The Child Within (excerpt)

Re-introducing my book, “Humbled By His Grace” to the world as I prepare to launch a new one in two months: Inspired-2-Inspire: A Collection of Inspirational Quotes, Letters, and Prayers.

Chapter 1: The Child Within

Realizing that our blessings are many, blessings for which we are ever grateful, somehow we tend to be poor stewards of that which we receive. The process of maturity is recognizing our flaws, acknowledging them, and seeking deliverance from them. In other words we have to do more than just realize our flaws, we have to confess them, and then take the steps to correct them.

Sometimes we become so set in our ways, so set in traditions, that it is hard to break loose of things that are in fact strongholds, things that hold us back from being strong in the Lord.


For years I have done for others, sometimes not simply because I cared but because I wanted to be accepted. With acceptance came praise, admiration, and attention. For years I failed to acknowledge that my fear of rejection fed my desire to please. What started out as a thought so long ago became a city within my mind, my heart, and eventually my actions. In addition, I failed to acknowledge how this same fear fed my need to be an overachiever, a perfectionist, independent and prideful. Obviously I realized it, but I didn’t address it.


Many of you, too, have failed to address underlying issues because of the need to be “independent.” This need carries with it a desire to be in control, to maintain control, and to make sure that others recognize that you are in control. “Independent” has become a label to acknowledge those who depend on no one else to get ahead in life or who overcome obstacles with minimal help from others. It brings on a sense of pride that can and at some point will become a stumbling block to your growth.

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Kocysha presents the grace and love of God through spiritual inspiration and personal accounts of overcoming strongholds and insecurities, particularly pride, with hopes that a realistic and personable perspective will provide a sense of hope to those enduring similar situations and issues.

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