Five Minute Friday: “Close”

Looking for a reason to write but not sure where to start? Join me and hundreds of others in Five Minute Fridays started by Lisa Jo-Baker. The key is to write for five minutes based on Lisa-Jo’s prompt “No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.”

So here we go: “Close”

Well, it’s been on my mind and I was going to wait until next month, but “close” is a good start. I’m reminded of the closeness I had with my father. It wasn’t about the toys he bought when I was younger, it wasn’t the birthday gifts or anything like that. Honestly, he didn’t know my birthday. And it wasn’t that we had such amazing conversations.

But the closeness I felt with my dad came from him being him in the moments we shared…



The After Five: Hm, yeah, I think I’ll have to wait on this one. So instead, I’ll just share this… Being close to someone doesn’t come from the material things shared, but from the time spent with someone. It comes from the little things they do to let you know they care. It comes from the conversations of few or many words, but more importantly, it comes from a special bond, a special connection that allows you to sit for hours, even without words and know that you are special or you are loved. Being close to someone brings a sense of comfort. You don’t have to wear the day-to-day masks that we often adorn at work or basically around people we’re not close to. Closeness brings a sense of vulnerability because you can simply be you. There’s no judgment. There’s no scolding, but there is truth.

Whoever it is that you feel a closeness to, continue to let them know. Continue to make good memories.

As it is Memorial Weekend, for those who’ve lost the person(s) you were close to, I hope and pray you have good memories to cherish. And if you still have that special someone (mom, dad, friend, sister, brother, etc.) just remember it’s the little things that count!!!

Blessings to All!!!