Five Minute Friday: “Lost”

Looking for a reason to write but not sure where to start? Join me and hundreds of others in Five Minute Fridays started by Lisa Jo-Baker. The key is to write for five minutes based on Lisa-Jo’s prompt “No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.”

So here we go: “Lost”

There was a time in my life when I was lost to the world, lost to myself, lost to the need for attention and affection. There was a time when I was lost to sexual immorality, not truly realizing my worth or even who I was in God.

On a new road of transformation, after being tired of being sick and tired, after being tired of temporary gratifications, that really weren’t gratifying at all, I began to seek solace from the words of Bishop T. D. Jakes (“Naked and Ashamed”) and Joyce Meyers (“Battlefield of the Mind”)….

Once lost in a darkness of filth and just – there’s no other way to describe it, I came to realize my true worth, I came to realize, and BELIEVE that I was a Daughter of the Most High who saw me in a different light and it was my time to see it as well.

Once I found that compass to lead the way, I found myself on a new path, a new belief, a new challenge.


The After Five: That new challenge was to practice abstinence, not just because it was the right thing to do, the safe thing to do, the spiritual thing to do…. Here’s my belief… or philosophy I should say. It takes more than a belief to stay on the right path. Behind that belief should be some type of conviction, some type of purpose or reason that is STRONG enough to remind you when temptation comes why it’s not worth it. I’ve found that, and had to teach myself this as well, you can believe something all day, but without a reason behind it, your reason, (not someone else’s), you are easier to fall prey to your strongholds.

A couple of things that help me to abstain, my reasons:

1. When I meet Mr. Right, I don’t want to be asked that “question” for which my answer would be yesterday, last week, last month or whatever.

2. Until I meet my physical husband, in a way God is my husband and if I’m a believer of fidelity, then this is my test.

3. Not willing to settle anymore for temporary fixes

4. I think about myself as an example to others, what I teach or advise others (acting on that which I ‘preach’)

For me, these reasons are my Strong Convictions.  Yours might be different.

There are many ways to be lost to the world: sex, drugs, possessions… We all know this, we’ve experienced most of them, whether directly or indirectly and have seen the hurt, the pain that is caused, but what many people don’t have is a support system, a reason why, or a way out…

As a coach, one of my desires is to reach those who are Lost, to shed new light, to encourage, empower, and guide. If that person is you and you are feeling bound, wanting to break free, feel free to contact me here (no catch or further obligation).

Another thing I found is with confession, comes freedom, comes PEACE!

Have a Blessed and Safe Weekend All!

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