Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

This was a webinar presented via Many topics were discussed (reading areas of the brain, how teachers can build brains), but what I found most inspiring was the story of a parent who shared how the use of BrainPro and Fast ForWord helped improve her son’s reading abilities and ultimately his math skills and even mannerisms associated with ADHD.

Here’s a brief recap of his 4 yr. progression:

  • Having been diagnosed with ADHD, in the 6th grade, he was reading at a 3rd grade’s level. He began the BrainPro/Fast ForWord program in the Fall of 6th grade and by the Spring of 6th grade he was reading on his own. By 7th grade, he was reading at grade level, and by 8th grade he was reading above level. He is currently a freshmen in high school and maintaining an “A” average in his English (language arts) class.

I find this to be a major improvement and definitely a story of inspiration for other parents who are dealing with similar situations.

So exactly what is BrainPro- Presenters David Dixson and Lynn Gover described it as a combination of the Fast ForWord program with a professional online consultant to help the child. It is designed to improve reading through a process of building cognitive/reading skills of the student in a fun and engaging way. Briefly stated, the program involves:

  • 30 min./day of Fast ForWord
  • 5 days/week
  • 4 months
  • Weekly consults w/tutor

*Now I’m sure someone is wondering the COST of this program, I have no idea….when the question was posed, an indirect answer was provided. 🙂 (So in my mind, I’m thinking there is definitely a price to pay). The presenter only stated that one would have to speak with a representative to determine which program would be best.

Now from the neuroscientific perspective as presented by Dr. Martha Burns, there are several symptoms both parents and educators should be mindful of when determining if a child’s level of cognition might need more attention.

  • Attention- Tunes out or asks “huh?” all the time
  • Memory- Problems learning alphabet, math facts, letter sounds, nursery rhymes
  • Processing- Can’t sound out nonsense words
  • Sequencing- Late to learn grammar (reading words backwards)

So check out these programs for more detailed information. Just wanted to pass the info along to those who may not be aware of the different resources available.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Thanks


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