30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 22: Divine Connections

Sometimes there’s a revelation, but the who, how, and when is unknown?!? Sometimes there’s a vision, but the path is invisible or unclear?!? And sometimes there’s a calling on your life that you feel unqualified to walk in?!?
Without you even realizing it, God was working behind the scenes through that not-so happenstance post, through that sacrificial investment, or through that person you perceived to be just another online connection.
But when the person behind the post becomes the who, how and when of your revelation… when the sacrificial investment leads to a personal invitation that becomes the path to making your vision a reality, but on a Much Grander Scale.. when that ‘just another online connection’ not only acknowledges you as a Woman/Man of God, but then begins to pour into you, to challenge you, and stretch you for new assignments on a Whole ‘Notha Level… that’s what I call Divine Connections!!! #TGBTG
Stay Focused! Stay Grounded!! Stay Alert!!! More importantly, Stay Humble!!! You never know who God will strategically place in your life for your next level of Divine Greatness!!! But know this… New levels, New directions, New dimensions, New destinations, New assignments, New journeys, anything NEW period requires change, adjustment, surrender, and submission!!!

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